ART, UDON, Seto Inland Sea, islands.
Takamatsu has a lot of fascinating things here, so you can have a lot of fun.
The meaning of "TEN to SEN" is DOT and LINE.
TEN to SEN wishes to become such a place
where people gather from the various places and be connected.

TEN to SEN is 5-minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station on the Kotoden Railway. It is located in the center of Takamatsu City, and is adjacent to the Takamatsu Chuo shopping street. The image of this guest house, which we self renovated, is a small hotel like a hideaway in Europe. It has a little rough, but warm and nostalgic atmosphere. We are particular about the colors of the walls and furniture and interior details. We're delivering an enjoyable stay to you in Takamatsu.

There are a lot of restaurants around TEN to SEN like famous UDON restaurants, Seto Inland sea food restaurants and Izakayas(Japanese pub), so you can enjoy a variety of local foods!

It is very convenient to go anywhere you like, even in the limited time.

Guesthouse Information宿泊案内

We have two dormitory rooms and three private rooms available. Each room is different, unique and colorfully decorated.

Cute pink room, skyblue room, passionate red room, cheerful yellow room, navy-blue room.Enjoy your time in each room.

Tourist Information観光案内

I'm getting ready now.

Tourist Information


The entrance of "TEN to SEN guesthouse Takamatsu" is on the second floor of a four-story building. Please go to the stairs on your right side, and please ring the bell next to the door.(The first floor is a restaurant "RENGE RYORITEN")

  • By Train

    It's a 5-minutes walk from the KOTODEN Kawaramachi station.

    • From JR Takamatsu Station to Kotoden Takamatsuchikko Station; a 3-minutes walk.
    • Take Kotoden railway from Takamatsuchikko and get off at Kawaramachi station. The fare is 190 yen.
    • Go out of the ticket gate, go to the right.
    • From kawaramachi station, walk through Tokiwa shopping street.
    • Turn left at an India restaurant behind the police box. Walk down about 50m, and you will find Ten to Sen on your left..

    It's a 22-minutes walk from the JR Takamatsu station.

  • By car
    • There is no private parking;
    • FFor guests with cars, several coin-operated parking lots area is very near are around the guesthouse.
    • Parking MAP 
  • By Bicycle or Bike

    Free public parking 1-minutes walk from the hostel.MAP

  • By Highway Bus/Takamatsu Airport limousine bus

    From Takamatsu Airport

    Take Limousine Bus for JR Takamatsu Station, and get off at "Nakajincho" (680 JPY)."Takamatsu Airport Limousine Bus"

    By Highway Bus

    Get off at "Kencho-dori chuokoen-mae", and 5-minutes walk from there.MAP

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    I recruit new staff.
    We were set up google calender in Reserve page.
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    TEN to SEN Guest house Takamatsu

    1-11 Tamachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 760-0053 Japan

    Tel (+81)87-813-0630 (9:00~22:00)

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